Thursday, 1 December 2016

Winter jingle 2016

Tingling legs, aching head
sneezing all the way
Oh what pain it is to wait
forever in the cold bus bay
Tingling legs, aching head
wheezing all the way
Oh what pain it is to wait
for three quarters of my day
Dashing through the snow*
on an overcrowded day
o'er the pavements we go
tumbling all the way
Clutching the yellow poles
shutting our eyes tight
oh, how much we whine and cringe
and hope to get home tonight
Tingling legs, aching head
gazing all the way
Oh what pain it is to wait
for the morning's very first ray
Tingling legs, aching head
snoozing all the way
Oh what pain it is to wake
and find that I have no say.
*Plagiarised from the original, thereby sacrificing factual accuracy that I am yet to experience my first commute on a snowy day.
P.S: I wrote this at work this morning after what proved to be my most challenging winter commute yet (90 minutes of frost). I'm sure I have had equally bad, if not worse, experiences before, but my brain seems to be adept at erasing even recent memories fairly quickly. I suppose that lets me move on to silly things (proof above) that will distract me from the looming horror of this evening's bus ride back home. But who cares... it is the season to be merry! And so, looking at the bright side of life, I wish you all better bus rides in 2017!
P.P.S: Punctuation was thrown out of the window for this post.


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I could feel the biting cold through these expressions! Keep more of such witty posts coming!

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  3. Good one, Happy holidays :)

    1. Gosh, I'm just seeing this! Happy holidays from the ghost of Christmas past.