Saturday, 30 October 2010

Morning musings- #01

Feeling ever so isolated
from the rest of the crowd,
she trudges on forward
apprehension and doubt growing inside.

The Inner Voice subdued
but not dead,
shades of gray transform into blue and green
sometimes fiercesome hues of red.

Her hands are tightly clasped
she takes in a deep breath,
and walks up to the girl by the pillar
feeling a complete conversational klutz.

A moment passes,
and then two.
A laugh escapes her lips when she hears
"Oh you are like me,too!"

They share talks and walks
their fears and dreams.
They wonder about the future and what lies ahead
while watching the faraway sun behind the trees.

Sisters by bond beyond blood,
from different mothers.
An understanding so deep,
their friendship has transcended words.

For everything under the skies
she needs to look for no one,
her sister- a call, a letter away-
she no longer feels lonesome.

But life is so full of surprises
some are good and some not,
its endearing quality of leaving one dazed
with things beyond comprehension.

What naivety, to take things for granted
an unauthorized,unlawful liberty.
Human folly and erroneous judgement
never seem to cease with time and experience.

In sudden realization and a moment of truth
the bond lies broken and crushed by time.
All the dreams dissolving into nothingness,
scattered and lost in the sorrowful winds.

Change is the only constant
broken hearts and broken dreams are soon mended.
The hope and longing for a kindred spirit
remain forgotten in the chasms of the heart.

Dormant they are better off
never to be stoked and kindled again.
'tis a dangerous thing
to be so deep and unified in spirit.

But there is a refusal of acceptance
to subdue these very impulses,
try as hard as one may
they throb in silence and await a revival.

I bide my time in silence
watching moments fly in a rush,
people walk in and walk out
some leave footprints behind and some just vanish.

Etched they remain in memories
silent remnants of a wonderful past,
How many more shall come and go, I wonder ,
all this transience magnified and overwhelming.

Still feeling ever so isolated
from the rest of the crowd,
I trudge on forward
feeling oddly at peace and a silent resignation.

The Inner Voice speaks to me
stronger and wiser.
A pervasive light in me, glowing bright
telling me I am not alone after all.

I watch someone approaching me,
a conversational wizard.
"Oh, you are so like me!"
There's more to me than meets the eye.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Short and sweet(?) - #02

I received a mail earlier today and wanted to share a few quotes from it. They are quite well-known, simple truths of life, but to me, they are very beautiful thoughts and deserve to be shared.

I will start with the one I identify with the most.

"A friend is, as it were, a second self."

"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old."

"Happiness is an unexpected hug."

"Friends have a way of speaking without words."

"To have joy one must share it."

"Falling in love is easy but staying in love is something very special."

"A hug is the shortest distance between friends."

And my personal favorite-

"Life is full of surprises."