Friday, 24 March 2017

2017's heavyweight welcome.

I ended 2016 on a bittersweet note here on Blogger but my trials from last year fade into embarrasing insignificance when I look at what 2017 has brought me so far. 

Two injuries in two months, both incapacitating me for extended periods of time. Spring is here and I feel mild cheer. I coax myself into counting my blessings and remembering that no problem is bigger than the biggest problem there is.

Leg injuries are terrible. Back injuries...well, they are even worse. Pardon the arrogance if you can. It is quite a blow to one's self confidence and independence when movements and activities that you took for granted turn into fierce challenges and impossible tasks. On the flip side, when life has forced me into slowing down, I'm appreciating the small things that I never noticed before. This new experience of being aware, observing how every activity in life is achievable by being mindful, and moving forward with gritted teeth is really keeping me engaged. 

I now travel with my constant companion- a back support. I no longer carry a million things in my hands everywhere I go, purely because the terror of having to ask someone to pick something off the floor for me is far greater than the inability to read while walking. 

So while I'm juggling a full time job and stopping and smelling the flowers, I have pearls of wisdom to strew on my page. Epiphanies make for great blog posts. For the person writing, of course. I hope you never have to use what I'm voicing here. That would mean more blog posts that I can't be bothered with reading through.