Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just like that.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Cliche, I know.

I wish Keats had written something about a thing of beauty causing a strange feeling, quite unparalleled in its nature. An inexplicable emotion bordering on pain over the lack of outlet to express that tumultuous wave of simultaneous joy and wistful longing, that might sadly never materialise and see the light of day.

Maybe he has, and I remain ignorant.

Expression - how unfortunate, that it is sometimes so severely handicapped and limited even in all its magnificent expanse.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Untitled- #03

My friend asks me,
"What do you fear?
You've everything you need,
and people-near and dear."

I remain silent
for a minute or so.
Unsure of what to say,
I clear my throat.

"I fear imperfection,
and the occasional sloppiness.
I dread a lonely life,
I fear extreme happiness.

Idleness and boredom-
how could I leave them out?
Illness and feeling weak,
oh,the irresistible urge to shout.

Yes,that urge to shout,
when everything goes wrong.
There's no one to hear you out
and you end up writing a song

I dread death-no,
not mine, but of loved ones.
I fear the Inevitable,
from which it is impossible to run.

I fear sunny days
without a cloud in sight.
I dread work, somehow,
life is no longer joyous and bright.

I fear questions
and the answers that follow.
I dread isolation,
and the feeling of being let down."

"Stop!",says my friend,
"You're plainly paranoid.
I ask you one question,
and there you are, all morbid!

Why do you worry so much
about things that are to be,
or things that might not be
when you could simply be happy?

Learn to accept yourself,
and things that come your way.
Obsessing is pointless,
remember to seize the day.

If you crave for permanence
or eternal perfection,
you'll be disappointed
eventually they end in oblivion.

People come and go,
but the lessons stay.
Cherish their memories,
move on and find your way."

The truth, I understand, is so simple
it is almost unbelievable.
I smile at my friend and to myself,
thankful for these words valuable.